Recently it has come to my attention that my album "Catch the Wind" may chart. This means that it would be on the Billboard list of top selling albums of the week. Since this is a Christian album it would be listed on the Billboard Christian music charts. This may seem like a long shot but after crunching the numbers it appears that getting into the top 50 list is within reach. It's every musician's dream to make it "on the charts" with an album or song. This is an album of firsts for me. It is the first with a record label. It is a first to be recorded in a professional studio. It is a first with top level musicians. It is a first in the Christian genre. Could it be the first to be on the charts?

Charting could help build the case for this album. It would be so wonderful for people to hear the news of God's love on "Catch the Wind." It would help persuade radio stations to play it. It would open up festivals and venues that were previously unavailable. Charting could help expose the music and its message to a larger audience. 

This is all determined upon you, the listener. You have the power to make or break albums, songs, artists, and the industry. You vote with every click of a YouTube video, every download, every stream, every CD purchase. These things count. The music industry is changing to recognize the means in which people are consuming music. Producers and artists are losing sleep trying to conceive ways of reaching you, the listener. We are asking our family and friends to help support us in this dream. 

Will you make this album a success? It starts next Friday, December 8.

On a side note, the Billboard weeks go from Friday to Thursday. This means that if you purchase the album on a digital platform before December 8, it will be insignificant. Please wait until December 8 to purchase. Believe me, I will be reminding everyone of all of the different options to get the album during that week.