New Stuff!!!

I've got some new things coming up soon. It's been a busy last couple of weeks. My school is back in after the winter break. Lots of classes and learning happening. In between teaching and church responsibilities, I have been brainstorming with my friends about some new music video concepts. I just purchased a really cool video camera that records in 4K. It's sweet! I recorded my first video with it and you can see it on Facebook and YouTube already. "Justified" was a fun video that Jacob Cassidy and I threw together. It's only black and white (with a splash of red) so you'll have to wait to see the full benefit of 4K video. 

One new idea that we've been thinking about is live videos of me singing some of my new and old songs along with covers of other artists' songs. These are fun and simple to do. I did a couple of these a few summers ago in my "Backyard Concert Series." More recently, I did one for the new song "Catch the Wind" on Christmas Eve. You can expect some of these in the near future. If you have any requests for me to do a song video like this, you should comment below. I'm open to suggestions.

An idea that my dad keeps insisting on is the demo style video. This is me demonstrating my guitars and other gear. These seem easy but are kind of hard for me. I never know what people want to hear and info that they are looking for in these videos. I have seen many different ways that these can be done and have read many critical comments to these videos. This makes me a little hesitant to dive right in.

The last type of video that we are considering is the traditional music video. These are pretty hard to do. They take a lot of planning out to conceive a whole storyline and actors and sets. They also take a lot of time to edit. When I'm with my band, Wilson Fifer Rose, I've had the luxury of having really creative bandmates in this area. Ky Fifer has edited many great videos and has created a style that is very much his/our brand. Check out our version of "Africa" and others. Austin Wilson did a great job on a video for our song "Fare Thee Well (Peter Iredale)" and has many more original ideas that you may see in the future. I'm not as creative as they are in this area but I'm beginning to have a few ideas simmer up.

Please let me know what you think! If you have a request for a live song video, let me know. I'll do my best to do one for any of my songs or a cover. If you want to see an actual full-blown music video of one of my songs, let me know (especially if you have a concept for it). 

Thanks everyone! God bless.