Emmaus and the Epic Iowa trip of 2018

Dan Priest and I just completed the trip from Troutdale, Oregon, to Dubuque, Iowa, and back. We have attended a church leadership conference at Emmaus Bible College for the last few years and this year we were asked to participate in the music worship time of a couple of the chapel sessions. We were totally stoked and honored to be asked. This invite put us in a position where we couldn't just fly to Chicago and drive to Dubuque like we did in the years past. This year we had to drive our guitars and Nord keyboard out the whole way. No planes for us. I love road trips!!! We had a complete blast on the trip there and back.

We live in a beautiful country. The roads that led us through the western states into the midwest took us through some very cool places. The trip was 1900+ miles each way. It gave us time to chat about all sorts of stuff and listen to lots of great music. Driving has always been therapeutic for me so I insisted on driving most of the way. As tired as I am right now, it was well worth it. Dan also made a great road trip buddy.

While we were at the conference we met some really cool people and reconnected with a lot of friends. I'm still unpacking much of the information that I heard. There will probably be some good songs and thoughts that will come out of it. You never know, Dan might beat me to writing the songs. Maybe we can collaborate on something.

We also got to visit Music Villa is Bozeman, Montana. What a cool place! I highly recommend dropping in if you're ever in the area. I'll be visiting them again. They do some excellent videos on YouTube demonstrating many of the beautiful guitars that they have. Check those out too. They had a really nice $8,200 guitar that Dan and I wanted to bring home with us.... It didn't make its way into our car, unfortunately.